Influencer marketing is essential in our client’s marketing plans. It is “word of mouth” 2.0. It increases your brand awareness and also maximizes your sales by attracting a qualified audience to your website.

Exclusive Talents

We are working with selected influencers to create compelling, original and personalized content on your behalf.

We are covering all verticals and industries with the aim to help brands penetrate a new market.

Engage with your audience. Thanks to our tailored influencer campaigns where performances are always at the top of our mind.

Campaign Management 

We are following, minute by minute on a daily basis, all campaign metrics and performance indicators, such as audience, views, engagement rate, view rate, impact rate and conversion rate.

Activating campaigns on all social platforms ; we are following the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) guidelines to make sure all campaigns are fully compliant with disclosure requirements and paid partnership rules.

We also provide specific services on an ad hoc basis for your brand events including brand ambassador and sponsorship. In some cases, we can also help you set up a long-term strategy with a brand ambassador.

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We are committed to help grow businesses with a clear ethical/social purpose, owned or run by underprivileged people or underrepresented groups.